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Welcome to more health, hope, and harmony

Too often, focusing on your health is about the medications you need to take, not the life you want to live. But to thrive (not just survive), you need support beyond your medicine cabinet.

Because when you want to feel more like yourself, find balance, lose weight, or even just have the energy to keep up, you want things that will make a big difference for you. You need personalized solutions that will bring you not just health, but also more hope and harmony into your life.


I’m Dr. Asha Pai Bohannon. I’m your holistic health guide, and this is your home for finding both well-being and wellness. As a Doctor of Pharmacy with multiple health certifications, including diabetes education and medication therapy management, personal training, and more, I’m passionate about sharing my best resources for helping you lead a healthier, happier life.

Here on my blog, you’ll discover the motivating tools, support, and inspiration to transform your life at work and at home.

For complete wellness solutions, explore my signature program, 7 Steps to H.A.R.M.O.N.Y.™, my book, and PAI Wellness Group, my holistic health practice for individuals and corporate organizations. And for those seeking growth opportunities and healthy skincare, allow me to help you as a recognized leader with Rodan + Fields.

Wherever you are in your health journey, can you imagine what more hope and harmony could do for you? Welcome to your fresh start.  

Let’s find your best path together!


meet asha

Your health shouldn’t be all about doctor’s visits, prescriptions, and diet programs. It’s not a checklist. Your health is a journey, a path that’s uniquely yours.

 We’re not often taught to think this way, but I believe we should be. Your health journey isn’t one size fits all, even though the doctors, gurus, and coaches may often dismiss it that way.

For you to move towards a healthier life, what you need to do may be different than someone who’s on the same medication or vitamin that you are. A pill, a supplement, an exercise – these things are all powerful, but they aren’t the only part of your road ahead that matters. And, in some cases, they don’t need to be your first line of treatment.

The reality is that there’s so much more to bringing health into your life than what we’re told. And you deserve a health journey that will lead you where you want to go, and a guide who can help you at every step of the way. That’s exactly why I began my career in healthcare in 2002.  

As a holistic health guide and Doctor of Pharmacy, I’ve spent more than 15 years helping over 1,200 patients find their own ways to take control of their own health and wellness. With multiple certifications, including diabetes education and medication therapy management, I love walking alongside my patients to help them identify and define the roles medication and other resources should play in leading them to healthy lives they can fully enjoy.

In the process I take my patients through in PAI Wellness Group, I’m always amazed at what becomes possible when you feel more empowered to be your own health advocate. Whether I’m helping individuals like you through my resources here, my work at PAI Wellness, my book and program (7 Steps to H.A.R.M.O.N.Y.™), or creating growth opportunities with Rodan + Fields, I love helping you find that compass: to know what your health journey should look like and can look like.

With doctor’s visits, Google, and all the conflicting health advice out there - it’s so easy to get lost along the way. Like anything with health, there will always be trial and error and figuring things out as you go. But I know from experience that with the right directions, tools, and support tailored for you, you can finally go anywhere you want to go and feel how you really want to feel.

I believe your personal health journey can bring you more hope and harmony, and if you’re ready for that, I’d love to be your guide.

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Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, Dr. Asha Pai Bohannon is a holistic health guide to individuals and corporate organizations in the NC Triangle. She is the founder of PAI Wellness Group, an author, speaker, and recognized leader with Rodan + Fields. Asha is also a loving wife and mom to two kids. She loves reading, being with her family, cross-stitch, and even enjoys a bit of organizing (seriously!).


key experience overview

More than 15 years in healthcare
Guided 1,200+ patients
Bestselling author, To Medicate or Not? That is the Question

Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD), University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Multiple health and wellness certifications:

  • Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE)

  • Medication Therapy Management

  • Wellness Professional (in progress)

  • Personal Training

For individual wellness

PAI Wellness Group
For one-on-one complete holistic wellness education and empowerment, including overall health assessments, medication therapy management and beyond. Helping you become your own patient healthcare advocate.

My Blog
For the tools, inspirational articles, and more to transform your life at work and at home.

My Book
To Medicate or Not? That is the Question: The Ultimate Guide to Improving Blood Test Results

For corporate wellness

PAI Wellness Group
Asha is available for corporate wellness programs, screenings, assessments, workshops, and trainings for small and medium-sized organizations.

For growth opportunities

Rodan + Fields consulting
Helping you explore growth and leadership opportunities in healthcare entrepreneurship.

Learn more about my private healthcare practice, PAI Wellness Group.